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Is your ‘To Do’ list getting longer and longer by the day but you don’t have enough work or resources to employ a full-time PA?

We will enable you to do more of the things you want to do, by doing the things you don’t.


Remote PA services. What BuySomeTime can do for you:

Delegate your personal and business admin, including any marketing and research needs.

Do you need more time?

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Is your ‘To do’ list getting longer?

Busy work schedule.

Getting in the way of your personal life?

Overwhelming admin?

We will help you take control.

People Are Talking About BuySomeTime

What our clients say:

We have been using the services of Rachel and BuySomeTime for a little over a year now. Being in the same industry and coming from a very strict and professional background in the auditing and accounting field, we have set very high standards for our clients and suppliers. Not only have Rachel and her team comfortably met these, they brought an entire new dynamic to our business with various skills and experience that we have come to truly value! Rachel has great energy and a ‘can do’ attitude about her. Joining forces on various projects with BuySomeTime has worked out really well and I look forward to many more collaborations between our two businesses in the future. Thank you Rachel and all of the very best to you and your business!

Cathy Haumann
Virtually Admin

Rachel and BuySomeTime have been and continue to be an amazing asset for Cleaver Consulting.
Being able to hand off countless hours of tiresome admin work to someone outside of the company while we are trying to run a tech startup has saved us many hours of headaches and allowed us to focus on the core part of the business, and the quality of work is top-class!

Corne Kooyman
Director at Property Engine

Rachel has been an amazing asset to our business. She take the reigns, leaves no stone un-turned & is amazingly pro-active. She ALWAYS goes the extra mile and manages to find positive solutions to challenges. Thank you Rachel for helping us at hub – www.hubinsights.co.za.

Venetia Amato-Link
Co-owner at Hub Insights

When we met Rachel, we were in desperate need of an ad-hoc assistant in our business – the Virtual PA service she delivers through BuySomeTime, along with her support team, is vital to anyone needing assistance on a virtual basis, and we jumped at the opportunity to incorporate her service into our offering.

She is organised, dedicated, enthusiastic, extremely positive, willing to learn new things and takes proactive action – I have always believed in the JDI (Just Do It) principle when working with other team members, and Rachel ticks ALL the boxes.

Rachel is also quite tech savvy, and has introduced us to some great ways to manage previously daunting tasks…so much so that she is now our go-to-girl for most things techy and social media.

Without Rachel and BuySomeTime, our business would be way more stressful – with her in it, our “world of work” is a much nicer space to dwell in.

Tani Pretorius
Co-owner at Hub Insights

BuySomeTime is an invaluable partner of mavenBI, offering professional and cost-effective outsourced services to help us perform the important but often neglected tasks that our company just can’t get to.  BuySomeTime’s staff are reliable, eager to help, and accurate, and are a joy to work with; and as such we wholeheartedly endorse them.

Sven Vosse
Director at MavenBI

Solutionsonsite has benefited immensely from working with BuySomeTime and will definitely grow this relationship in the future! Rachel from Buysometime has been phenomenal! She helped me research leads for my business and provided an excellent service in the process. I am already thinking of my next set of tasks I can pass their way, just brilliant! Thank you!

Sue Bramhall

I had no time to trawl through websites to find the perfect spot for a weekend away so asked Buy Some Time to help. I was thrilled with the work that they did for me, they found us the perfect spot for our weekend away and booked it, without any fuss and lots of speed!

Alex Smith

Rachel from BuySomeTime is the consummate professional. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, she exudes a ‘can-do’ approach, has superb organisation skills, complete resourcefulness, and is highly attentive to efficiency. I have no hesitation in recommending BuySomeTime to reliably take heaps of work away from any desk.

Mervyn Malamed
Positive Conflict Management

Rachel is very organised and extremely efficient. She has a wide variety of skills I have made use of, including client administration, research and copy writing, as well as social media. It is nice to know I can always call on Rachel to step in and assist when I need help.

Francois Harris

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CDL Property
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Durban Surfski
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Ned On Board
New Market Magnet
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Does your busy work schedule get in the way of your life?

  • A remote service keeping your costs to a minimum.

  • No need to worry about recruitment, salaries and personnel issues.

  • No need to provide extra desk space or office equipment.

  • Easy to use with no hidden costs or contracts to worry about.

  • We will do the jobs the you don’t want to do, leaving you more time to do what you want to do.