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R280 per hour

Work or Projects

Pre-Paid Monthly Retainer

R2,500 per month

Up to 10 hours

(R300 saving)

Pre-Paid Monthly Retainer

R4,800 per month

Up to 20 hours

(R1,000 saving)

Pre-Paid Monthly Retainer

R8,800 per month

Up to 40 hours

(R2,800 saving)


How it works

We use cutting-edge timing technology for accurate and detailed time-keeping.

You save costs in the following ways:
  • No recruitment to worry about

  • No need to provide extra office space or equipment

  • Any telephone calls are included in the hourly rate

  • No need to worry about pensions, holiday pay, medical aid or other benefits.

  • You only pay for time spent working and not breaks or gossiping by the water-cooler!

Busy work schedule?

We will help you take control.

You will be amazed at how much work can be completed in just a few hours by a dedicated Virtual Assistant.